Monday, July 19, 2010


So here it is... 3 days left... In 5 days I'll be waking up in a foreign country. Up until now this whole thing was a bit surreal. Now though, its suddenly crystal clear. In 3 days, I'll be leaving for a different country to participate in the biggest competition I've every been in. I will officially be an international athlete. That's an amusing thought, considering I'm not a picture of the physical perfection. I have a bit of a belly still and I'm certainly not 21 again.

We got our official team warm-up jackets on Saturday, with all of the embroidery and patches on them. They look friggin sweet, and certain makes me feel like an official team member. I wonder if the way I felt when I put it on is anything like the first time an Olympic athlete puts on their team jacket. So full of awesomeness...

I still have a few things to take care of before I leave, and moving the hot tub has been postponed until I get back from Korea. Tomorrow night I take my final test for my Blue belt which is the minimum belt rank that you can compete at. Hopefully I don't totally brain fart it and fail. LOL.

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